New Jersey Natural Lands Trust and Petty’s Island

Located between Philadelphia, PA and New Jersey lies Petty’s Island, an area of rich history tracing back to the 16th century. In April 2009, CITGO donated the island and former site of CITGO operations to the New Jersey Natural Lands Trust through a conservation easement for use as an ecological preserve and educational facility.

Crawford County Historical Society

The Historical Society of Crawford County was formed September 23, 1940 by Mrs. O.P. Dellinger. Dellinger was the State Historian for the Daughters of the American Revolution and was urged by the Kansas State Historical Society to organize a County Historical Society.

Kansas State Historical Society Celebrates Kansas Day

In 1891, Kansas became the 34th state to enter the union. Each year Kansas Day is held to celebrate this event at the capitol building in Topeka, Kansas. At this year’s celebration the Kansas State Historical Society opened the Kansas State Capitol Visitor Center in conjunction with the dedication of the 10 year, 350 million dollar restorations of the Capitol Building.