Installation & Mounting Options

Pannier offers a variety of installation & mounting options to meet any need.

Direct Embedment

  • Exhibit bases are buried directly into the ground, with a concrete base, for the ultimate in durability and longevity;
  • Most popular installation method;
  • See our Customer Tools page to view Installation Instructions.

Baseplate Mount

  • Exhibit bases are fitted with baseplates at the bottoms of the legs, which enables you to mount directly to any hard surface;
  • Can be used to mount directly on top of concrete;
  • This is the typical installation method for mounting on decks, or other wood structures;
  • Baseplates are available in a variety of sizes, contact us for more information on different options for your particular installation.
Baseplate Animation

Socket Mount

  • Hollow sockets are installed in the ground, which allow the exhibit base’s legs to slide down into and be secured at the top;
  • This installation method is recommended for areas that may be prone to avalanches, floods, or other large impact environmental events, or if you simply want to remove your exhibits in the off-season.

Post Mount

  • This method uses a metal sleeve with pre-drilled mounting holes, which allow the frame to be mounted securely over your wooden post;
  • Multiple post configurations are also an option.

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