Installation & Mounting Options

Pannier offers a variety of installation & mounting options to meet any need.

Direct Embedment

  • Exhibit bases are buried directly into the ground, with a concrete base, for the ultimate in durability and longevity;
  • Most popular installation method;
  • See our Customer Tools page to view Installation Instructions.

Baseplate Mount

  • Exhibit bases are fitted with baseplates at the bottoms of the legs, which enables you to mount directly to any hard surface;
  • Can be used to mount directly on top of concrete;
  • This is the typical installation method for mounting on decks, or other wood structures;
  • Baseplates are available in a variety of sizes, contact us for more information on different options for your particular installation.
Baseplate Animation

Seasonal Mount

  • Seasonal Mounts provide an option for installation that makes the exhibit easily removable.
  • Posts are installed in the ground with a baseplate resting on the surface. This allows the legs and baseplates on the exhibit to be secured on top with screws.
  • This installation method is recommended for areas prone to large-impact environmental events, or to remove the exhibits in the off-season.

Post Mount

  • This method uses a metal sleeve with pre-drilled mounting holes, which allow the frame to be mounted securely over your wooden post;
  • Multiple post configurations are also an option.

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