Upright Exhibit Bases and Kiosks

Upright Exhibit Bases and Kiosks

Upright wayside exhibit bases are primarily geared towards the communication of information, as opposed to interpretation. They are designed to attract attention and call out important information to visitors. Examples can be found at trailheads, in wayfinding systems, at boat ramps, in parking lots, near visitor centers, or on college campuses.

Upright bases can be oriented either vertically or horizontally, and can be designed with multiple panels across, or in a group. These are sometimes referred to as Visitor Information Systems (VIS). Frames can also be double sided, to provide information on both sides of the wayside exhibit. Bulletin cases and brochure holders can be integrated as part of the entire wayside unit. As with all Pannier products, these are all completely custom, so no matter what you envision for your location, we can meet your need.

Exhibit Base and Frame Features

  • Constructed of rust-free, high-strength aluminum;
  • Full capture frame to keep panel in place;
  • Custom aluminum extrusions, eliminating unnecessary welds;
  • All corners are rounded for both safety and aesthetics;
  • Weep holes along bottom for water drainage;
  • Removable top rail for easy panel changes;
  • Tamper proof connections used to protect from theft;
  • Painted or powder coated;
  • Built to strict National Park Service specifications;
  • Virtually unlimited mounting options – we can build to suit your need.

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