5 Tips for Designing an Eye-Catching Sign

Let’s be honest, we have all been somewhere in public and have seen a sign that was missing key information or was lacking necessary visual elements to help attract you into reading what it said. According to the National Park Service, a sign has 3 seconds to hook a viewer, 30 seconds if they are hooked, and 3 minutes to keep the viewer engaged if they are very interested. If you are unable to captivate your audience within 3 seconds, your message will be lost. Read below to learn some tips about how you can create an appealing sign!

Educational Sign Shares Lancaster’s History

“This project was very important to me and to the city of Lancaster. It may seem hard to believe that a sign can help bring a community together, but, in our case, it did. Residents have been reaching out wanting to know more about our city’s black history and have even discussed placing a statue in our downtown for one of our first black settlers. It has been an amazing experience.” —Michael Johnson, Marketing Director, Fairfield County Heritage Association

Wayside Exhibits Help Build Climate Resilience

Charles River Watershed Association worked with the Town of Milford to design and construct the Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) within Milford Town Park. The GSI project consists of two rain gardens and one underground infiltration chamber system in the town park by two schools. Two of the goals of this project are to reduce stormwater pollution and build climate resilience. To complete the project, the Association installed three wayside exhibits to further community engagement and youth education.