Fiberglass Embedment (FE)

When Pannier created the art of Fiberglass Embedment, it was primarily to serve the needs of the transit industry. They needed durable outdoor graphics. Since then, that tough-as-nails sign has evolved, and been made beautiful to serve museums, zoos, parks, college campuses, and so on. We have not stopped improving the product, and through utilizing better raw materials, improved processes, and advanced technology, FE has become the only product on the market today that has proven its endurance – since 1978.

Pannier's embedment process ensures optimum graphics quality that stand the test of time. Each sign and panel features solid, one-piece construction, leaving no seal to compromise. Fiberglass signs and panels are virtually maintenance free, giving you sustainability and cost-effectiveness over time.

Gel Coat Laminate (GCL)

Gel Coat Laminate panels adhere to the same set of standards that has made Pannier an industry leader for over three decades. With GCL, we have taken an everyday proven technology and brought it to the sign industry.

Pannier GCL provides the strength of fiberglass embedment with an elegantly refined finish, adding a barrier of protection against extreme ultraviolet rays and aggressive elements of the weather. So go ahead, bring on the environment... GCL will not only withstand Mother Nature but will fight back!

Graphic Panels Built to Fit Your Project

Pannier panels are versatile, and are built to be easily integrated into custom-designed

framing and mounting systems.


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